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Having undertaken to feed the hungry just over two years ago, Our Community Hunger Center is making a real difference in our community. We opened our facility at 9733 Ravenna Road right off the square in downtown Twinsburg and began introducing ourselves to the community in May 2013. Close to 2,000 individuals, businesses, churches, schools, and student groups have partnered with us to care for our hungry neighbors since then. In 2014, our first full tax year, we generated over $483,000 in donations, of which we distributed 78% to the community. Donations are expected to increase this year, and in 2015 to-date our distribution rate has risen to over 82%.

Demand for emergency food assistance and continuing support is increasing dramatically! We provided a 7-day supply of nutritious, non-expired, non-perishable food to 1,959 individuals in 2014. As of August 31, we have already aided 1,968 neighbors this year, more than we assisted in all of 2014. Since we opened our doors, we have fed a total of 4,639 adults and children. These numbers do not reflect the hundreds blessed by special Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter programs, where we provide everything necessary for a traditional holiday meal, as well as gifts and candy for our children. Without the generosity of our donors, our families would have very meager holidays.

Partnering with our donors, our goal is to offer a 7-day supply of food, personal hygiene items, paper products, and household supplies to the individuals and families who seek our help. This assistance is meant to serve as a bridge until our families can reach a more stable financial footing, and it generally will continue for six months. However, we extend the assistance period for as long as is necessary in extenuating circumstances, such as for seniors on fixed incomes, the seriously ill, disabled individuals, and single parents.

Through the generosity of local grocers, bakers, and restaurants, we are able to distribute fried chicken, bread, baked goods, and pizza, in addition to the non-perishable items we distributed when we first opened our food pantry. In late August 2015, we partnered with a wholesaler of organic fruits and vegetables, and we now distribute fresh, organic produce every Thursday. Fresh bread and baked goods have been available most days for over a year and a half. We understand that many who come to our Center for food assistance lack reliable transportation; we are happy to deliver food to the homebound within our service area.

We are an independent non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charity and rely entirely on public support. We thank our current donors and ask for their continued support. We ask new donors to contribute their time, talent, and treasure. We welcome volunteers, especially high school students who need service hours. If you have not joined the fight against hunger, consider yourself invited!

Food pantries usually rely in large part on school food drives to stock their shelves. Due to the summer recess, most food pantries are in sore need of food at this time of year. Moreover, more families need food assistance over the summer than during the rest of the year, because of the need to provide breakfast and lunch for students who otherwise would receive free and reduced-cost breakfasts and lunches at school during the academic year. The end result, we are in great need of food to meet the demand of our families.We thank the members of our community who responded to our call for help on the front page of the Chagrin Solon Sun.

The following items are in greatest demand by our recipients. The items in most urgent need TODAY are highlighted in blue. PLEASE CHECK BACK OFTEN TO SEE WHAT OUR GREATEST NEEDS ARE.

ü  baby food

ü  baking needs

ü  beans, canned or dry

ü  canned pasta, corned beef hash, and stew

ü  canned fish and meat

ü  canned fruits and vegetables

ü  cartons of shelf-stable milk/milk alternatives

ü  cereal and granola bars

ü  coffee, tea, and creamer

ü  condiments and salad dressing

ü  cookies, crackers, and other snack items

ü  dinner kits (e.g. pizza, Mexican, Chinese)

ü  dry pasta and spaghetti sauce

ü  dry stuffing, pasta, potato, and rice mixes

ü  frosting

ü  frozen dinners

ü  fruit and vegetable juices

ü  gelatin and pudding

ü  hot and cold cereal

ü  macaroni and cheese

ü  muffin, cake, and cookie mixes

ü  pancake mix and syrup

ü  peanut butter and jelly

ü  pork & beans/baked beans

ü  all purpose cleaner

ü  bathroom cleaner

ü  bleach

ü  dish soap

ü  dishwasher soap

ü  dryer sheets

ü  fabric softener

ü  laundry soap

ü  toilet cleaner